Smart Design
01Innovative Design
  • Convenient for operation because there is no cable connected to main body
  • Intuitive interface
  • Detachable Battery : Easy to replace and able to perform consecutive treatments for 3 hours without recharging
02Ultralight Design
  • Bar type
  • Easy to handle
  • Body/Battery/Cartridge : Compact Size and total weight only 300 g
  • Miniaturized with compact size
Smart Technology
01Nano scale control system ™

(Piezo-Linear Actuator Motor, The only digital motor placed in the cartridge (Patent))

3XFasterEnergy Interval Depth


  • Ultra precise operation through the only Digital Nano Transducer in the world
    1. : Confirmed safety through clinical trials for more than 2 years
    2. : Confident effect without pain
    3. : Able to control energy, interval, and depth of HIFU in nanoscale
  • Swing/Shot Speed
    : Approximately 10 minutes per person(face), The fastest in the world (at least 3 times faster than conventional HIFU)
02App Interlink
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Automatic detection of error detection
  • S/W upgrade by Built-in procedure manual
03Self-Safety Diagnosis System ™
  • Able to check its malfunction at booting
  • The best prevention of clinical accidents
Smart Effect
01Treatment area
  • Eye / Nose / Lips
  • Cheek / Chin line
  • Lower Jaw / Neck
Before & After

Eye bag

Lower face


Eye rims

Skin tone

Nasolabial fold

Product composition
Cartridge Target Frequency Influence Depth Shot Count
F1.5 Upper Dermis 7Mhz 0.1J~1.5J 1.5mm 5,000(+1,000)
F3.0 Deep Dermis 7Mhz 3.0mm
F4.5 SMAS 7Mhz 4.5mm
Energy Type High Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU) Power 0.1J~1.5J(MAX)
Pitch 1~1.2mm Length 15mm(16Dot)
Cartridge 7Mhz-FACE F1.5 / F3.0 / F4.5 Electrical Requi DC8.4V/1.8A(Battery)
Weight 310g(Body + Battery + Cartridge) Dimensions 240 X 66 X 40
Manufacturer MEDILEADER
Country of manufacture Made in Korea