Our Brand

Smart Nubia is One of Sungwun's Brands of healthcare products,
a combination of 'Smart' meaning 'Innovative and cutting edge' with 'Nubia', a latin meaning 'Beauty'. Smart Nubia has been supplying the global healthcare market with sophisticated products and systems for aesthetic and medical solutions as well as providing the cutting edge of innovation for clinics, doctors in private practices, and the home care sector.

    Our Core Values
  • Smart Design
    We pursue sophisticated, ergonomic and convenient designs for every product. In our research & development, we work closely with customers and external partners. Our customers' valuable support is a delicate complement to our design.
  • Smart Technology
    Innovation is our core value and characterized by ambitious goals, a clear strategy, and an inspiring culture. We always provide the cutting edge of innovation for aesthetic and medical device market.
  • Smart Life
    Many people today are too busy to care of beauty. We at Smart Nubia want to help people take time to feel their beauty in life by providing our 'Smart' products suitable for modern lifestyle.